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This is in San Diego California- I contacted KGB HEADQUARTERS IN NY with COPIES OF ALL the YELP complaints they did nothing.

Original review posted by user Apr 08, 2013

I bought a deal for house cleaning First Choice Maids I should have checked on YELP SAN DIEGO before buying this deal ALL (but 2-could be family) were horrible- one star. KGB refused to give me my money back because they stated I USED the coupon, duh....of course I used it I bought it- they STATED 3 hours o cleaning. After my experience (below) they didnt give me my money back which is *** since I literally have spend hundreds and would have continued to do so, it seems they will sell you ANYTHING as long as they make a buck-once they get their money they dont care how the service they sold was or their false advertising on the service.

DONT USE THIS SERVICE VIA KGB DEALS-Very unprofessional, terrible job- actually the short list I had for her to do in my small place was not even done. Notes: 3 hours voucher 158.00 value- stated. Clean bathrooms thoroughly (2) master bedroom -tub, shower doors, floors walls,ors MAIN focus. Floors dining room/kitchen/ microwave/toaster oven, sink, counter top cleaned. Sliding glass doors clean.

We look forward to a 100% service satisfaction guaranteed is their motto-this alone is false advertising. If he sent someone ELSE in to do the job that had professional products and had experience that would be fine but the owner wanted to give me a discount to have someone come back to do the job that was never done in the first place- the only motto should be YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I got a "deal from KGB" 59.00, but it wasnt even 59.00 worth of cleaning!

1.I DID NOT CHECK ANYTHING UNTIL SHE LEFT (IM not a babysitter), I figured she was here for 3 hours so I didnt need to check on anything prior to her leaving. I even gave her a 20.00 tip thinking she did twork she wasI hired her to do. But when I walked in the kitchen barefoot- there were crumbs on the bottom of my feet, so I looked in the corners all the dirt was still there also dirt still in the corner of the dining room (I have a small dining/kitchen area it should have been spotless). I am not sure if she lightly broomed or if she washed the floors which is what was needed.

2. Bathroom shower doors not cleaned =she told me she gets inexpensive products at Target rather then PROFESSIONAL CLEANING products because the owner wont pay for them like MERRY MAIDS (now thats a professional service)Wall inside tub not clean-silver rim around tub not clean, inside toilet not cleaned

3. She never went into the second bathroom

4. Kitchen sink she cleaned 1/2 the sink - she never even picked up the rubber mat on the other side which was the dirty side

6. She cleaned the glass part of the toaster oven but not the dirty part which was inside- and on the side and crumbs still under toaster-so nothing was moved!

Bottom line other then the bath-tub- everything looks the same

The owner came over and saw for himself first hand the dirt on the floors, how with my fingernail I can easily scrap off soapscum in the tub wall, how the 2nd bathroom was never gone into. All he offered was a DISCOUNT to have somene else come back! I would never use their service again.less

Monetary Loss: $60.

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